How to Take Care of your Stomach? - Astro Upay

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Stomach worms occur due to wrong food habits. Weight won’t increase due to worms in stomach. A person gets itching. 

How to Take Care of your Stomach? - Astro Upay

stomach pain
Child would be peevish. He gets red spots on face. Child might eat less or more. But worms eat this food. A child has weak bone and mind. Stomach worms affect liver and intestine.

One gets white tongue or thick tongue due to worms in stomach. Stomach remains tight. Take care if tooth sounds while sleeping at night. In this case, you should take medical advice.

Drink two teaspoon radish juice in morning-evening. Use rock salt in your meal. Children should drink tomato juice. It is beneficial to drink karela juice for children. It removes stomach worms.

One should drink basil juice if he/she travels more. People who eat pomegranate they cannot suffer with stomach worms. Fry half teaspoon turmeric. Keep 3-4 sugar pieces in turmeric. Drink it with lukewarm water before 15-20 minutes of bed.

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