How to Stop Relations getting Worse? - Astro Upay

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Nowadays relationships are getting worse. Mood swings are rising fast. Those whose Moon is poor, they do not have an opinion about anyone. The relationship will not last due to the mood swings. A person finds problem in small things due to weak Moon.

How to Stop Relations getting Worse? - Astro Upay

Stop Relations getting Worse
Nowadays, people are not able to have their opinions because of less social. Therefore, ignore the small matters. Wear root of khirni to strengthen the Moon. Wear it in white color thread. Wear it on forearm, waist or throat on Monday.

The root of khirni controls the mood swing. One remains happy. You will learn to forgive by wearing root of khirni. People suspect due to weak Venus. Cover throat with root of sarpokha in white thread. Wear it on Friday. Regularly apply turmeric and saffron tilak on naval, vishudhhi, tongue and forehead. Eat little honey before bed.

Give yourself a little time. Speak little. Talk very important. Laugh while talking. Never go in bathroom with empty legs. Donate yogurt on Friday. Also, take bath with yogurt on Friday. Adopt a dog to someone. Take one mattress from in laws and sleep on it.

Friendship is the best relative. One good friend never fall you. One should take care of their relations. Wear turquoise or firoza. It keeps your mind balance. Friends will remain with you. You can also wear turquoise color clothes or belt or in throat. Keep green pea lentil in pottery and donate to poor girls on every Wednesday.

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