How To Improve Relation with Your Children - Astro Upay

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Parents get support from the children if Mercury and Jupiter are strong. Children do not listen parents’ advice if Mercury and Jupiter are weak. They oppose their views and thoughts. Parents request their children.

How To Improve Relation with Your Children - Astro Upay

Mother afraid of children too if her Jupiter is weak. Strong home gives good future of children and health. A person has strong self-confidence if he lives in strong home. Family member have weak health if they have discord. There would be less wealth, progress and morale.

Parents who have strong Sun and Mars they have strong speech and nature. Children go away due to strong nature. Harsh speech and strong nature takes away their children. Shani and Rahu affects second or fifth house then person becomes introvert. A person does not allow their children to meet society and relatives. They have fear of decay for their children. Their children decay after the age of 19.

Parents should allow their children to move one. They can go with them. Take your children to your relatives’ home and social program. When children’s Jupiter become strong then parents relations with children become strong.

Family members should go on any worship place on new moon day. Donate Gangajal, yogurt or buttermilk through children. Use gaumutra to clean your home on Saturday.

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