How To Get Rid Of Failure - Astro Upay

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In human’s life the percentage of unsuccessful is higher than success. Therefore, one should work hard to get success. Avoid depression while become unsuccessful.

How To Get Rid Of Failure - Astro Upay

Get Rid Of Failure
Rishi Agastya told Aaditya Hriday strot to Shri Ram. Lord Ram gets success with it. A person should take two time bath if he/she cannot get success. Use Ashok leaves and sandalwood in bathing water.

Apply saffron on navel. Also, do saffron tilak. Avoid going in bathroom without sleepers. Make donation to needy people on any day. 

Change setting of home on full moon day or new moon day. Drink plenty of water.

Chant any psalm on full moon day or new moon day before sunrise or after sunset. Worship your favored god. 

Maintain peace and happiness in the home. Also, remove unused stuff from the home. Do not keep unused stuff in bed.

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