Get Rid of the Problems Related to Terrace - Astro Upay

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One gets rid of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu related problems through terrace. 

Get Rid of the Problems Related to Terrace - Astro Upay

One should regularly clean the tank on terrace. One should do little clean the tank. 

Dirty tank might become the reason of misfortune. It also increases obstacles in life. 

Dirty tank might create children related problem. Therefore, one should regularly clean the tank.

Tank denotes the condition or peace of the home. People coming in home might create problem. They create negative energy. Keep three copper coins in tank on Wednesday.

Homeowner should clean the terrace on Saturday. It is beneficial to reduce problems of Shani and Rahu.

Spread sugar sack on terrace. It is extremely beneficial to get rid of marital problems. 

It is also beneficial to get easily marry and improve relations. Keep plant on sugar if you are leaving in flat.

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