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Shani born on new moon day of Krishna paksh of Jayeshtha month. This date is known as Shani Jayanti. One gets mercy of Shani by doing special worship. Also, one can do remedies for all problems in life.

Get Easy Success on Shani Jayanti - Astro Upay

Shani Jayanti
Wake up before sunrise and take bath. Pour water in peeple tree. Keep yellow cloth on one choki or patra. Keep supari as a form of Shani. Light ghee and oil lamp and dhoop. Offer kajal, black sesame and blue or black flowers. Pour oil on supari, which is symbol of Shani. Worship Pachopchar. Offer food, which is made in oil, imarati and fruits. At last, offer coconut.

Accident: Wear iron ring in the left hand’s middle finger in evening. Watch your face in mustard oil and donate it.

Employment: Light nine mustard oil lamps under peeple tree. Take nine circles of peeple tree. Worship about progress in your employment.

Wealth: Keep coins in black clothes and donate them. Chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneswaraye Namah” for 3 garlands.

Sade Sati/Dhayya: Chant “Om Shum Shaneswaraye Namah” for 11 garlands in evening. Feed food to any poor person.

Good Luck: Eat green saunf before starting new work on Wednesday. It gives success in work.

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