How To Save youself from Heart Diseases ? - Astrology Upay

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One gets heart disease at the age of 25. In villages, 23% people die with heart attack. We can avoid heart diseases by strengthening Sun and Moon.

How To Save yourself from Heart Diseases ? - Astrology Upay

Heart Diseases
The symptoms of heart disease show on palm. Sun and Moon affected due to change in lifestyle. The ina and pingla veins affected. They cannot support body. Food cannot digest easily. Cholesterol might increase. Infection might increase in muscles. We can protect ourselves by seeing the impact of Sun and Moon on heart line.

There would be black line on heart line. Heart line becomes broad. There would be cur lines on heart line. If you’re suffering with gas problem. One gets pain on Sun line. One gets breathing problem. Blood pressure increase or decrease. In these cases, take medical advice.

Take care of your children. Eat 5 almonds and 1 walnut. Drink milk without sugar. Milk with more sugar affects body. If children are weak then put little honey in thin milk. Do Anulom-vilom every day for 15-20 minutes. You can do it once in a week for 45 minutes.

Do not drink cold water. Do not eat salt on Sunday. Chant Gayatri psalm. Drink lukewarm water in morning-night. Also, leave disciplined life.

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