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Future Problems
Bone: People whose legs are flat, hole on palm, hole in fingers they might face bone problem. They also face arthritis and gout problem. Keep 400 gram sesame oil, 10 gram camphor in sunlight for 3 days. Do massage with this oil. The problem increases due to use of laptop and computer. You can also intake half teaspoon ashwagandh, half teaspoon sugar with lukewarm milk. Gas problem also creates bone problem. Use celery after half an hour of your meal. Use asafetida in your food.

Peace: The discord and unrest in the home denotes such thing. Donate wife’s old clothes. Give rest to your mind and body. Keep mishri and rice in white clothes. Flow it in water on Monday. Avoid inauspicious and bad words. Do meditation while doing Pranayama.

Hunger: Less hunger is the message of the misfortune. In this case, serve worship place, idol and cow. Use light food. Avoid ego and irritability. Take care of your elder people in home. Take care of valuable goods and money. Take care of your health. Use turmeric in your meal.

Darkness: Sometime one gets small black dark spots on forehead. Continuous sickness, there is a tendency to change in nature. One face flurry and it is the symptom of mental weakness. One should do Gayatri yagna on Sunday.

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