Importance of Vaisakh Month of Hindu Calendar (Baisakhi)

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Vaishak month starts in April-May month. It relates with Vishakha constellation therefore, it is known as Vaishak. There are many chances of getting money and saintly. Lord Vishnu, Parsuram and goddess Devi is mainly worshiped in this month. 

Importance of Vaisakh Month of Hindu Calendar (Baisakhi)

Vaisakh Month
One can visit Shri Bake Bihari in this month. There is special importance of ganga or sarovar bath. One can also start auspicious work in this month. On this year, Vaishak month starts on 12th April and ends on 10th May.

On the tenth day of Shukal Paksh, ganga worship is done. On this month, lord Buddha and Parsuram born. Lord Brahma has constructed sesame in this month therefore, sesame is specially used. On this month, Akshay trutiya is also come therefore one can get wealth and property. Mohini Ekadashi comes in this month. It gives special mercy of Shri Hari.

Heat increases in the month of Vaishak. Therefore, diseases might increase. One should drink more water in this month and use less oily food. Use more sattu and juicy food. Also, avoid sleeping too late.

Try to wake up before sunrise in the morning. Take bath from Gangajal, sarovar or clean water. Also, mix sesame in bathing water. After that, chant Shri Hari Vishnu. Use balance amount of water. You can also donate water. Keep fast on Ekadashi of the month.

Chant “Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmivasudevay Namah” for financial benefits. Chant “Om Klim Krishnaya Namah” for progeny. Chant “Om Namo Narayanya” for everyone’s success.

Good Luck: One should drink water with empty stomach in morning. It strengthens the digestive system.

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