How To make your Mind More Powerful? - Astro Upay

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One should talk on their subjects. Teach a difficult topic to your friend. Stand up in front of the mirror and talk to yourself when the self-confidence is weak.

How To make your Mind More Powerful? - Astro Upay

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In the mirror, consider yourself a difficult subject. Do not forget to sleep properly. Work will not be complete with incomplete sleep. If the sleep is not complete the brain is fussy. Take test of yourself in the situation of forget again and again. Student use pen or pencil instead of laptop. Writing involve pressure on the finger and thumb, it makes the brain faster.

Remembering the number sharpens the brain. Remember the numbers via mobile number. Brain becomes weak due to listening loud music. The brain develops by listening to soft music. Avoid less or more sleep. Do exercise. Run or walk 3 km in a day.

Drink normal water. Avoid drinking refrigerator water. There should be 3-4 liter water in the body. There should be 70% water in body. Mind has 70% water and 20% oxygen. Eat 5 almonds and 1 walnut every day.

Sit on aashan for few minutes. Mind becomes stable. The mind becomes sharp if it is stable. Take good sleep and take energy from mother. Mother can sit near child’s bed and touch near to ears. Mind power increases by pressing thumb. Do massage on feet when child’s memory becomes weak.

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