Astrology Upay to Fulfill your Wish Come True

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There are several ways of worship. Sometime, one can do easy words, prayer and psalm. However, psalm is very effective. Because it easily concentrates mind and gives quick result. Every psalm has different effect and power. 

Astrology Upay to Fulfill your Wish 

Fulfill your Wish
Therefore, different garland should be used for different psalm. It gives different energy. Garland is also used so that there won’t be error in calculation of psalm. The grain in garland is called as manka. Usually, there are 108 manka in garland. However, sometime there are 27 or 54 manka.

The number of manka should be 27 or 108. There should be one know after each manka. Do not touch garland at index finger. Also, do not cross sumeru. Cover garland while chanting psalm. You can also use gaumukhi. Take garland in hand and do prayer before chanting psalm. Garland should be individual. Do not use other’s garland. Never wear garland, which you use for chanting psalm.

Rudraksha Garland: Any psalm can be chant with Rudraksha garland. It is beneficial to chant Shiva and Shiva family psalm with Rudraksha garland. Mahamrutanjay and Laghumrutunjay psalm should be done with Rudraksha garland.

Crystal Garland: It is the garland of concentration, prosperity and peace. Chant goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi psalm with crystal garland. It is also beneficial to wear crystal garland for wealth and concentration.

Turmeric Garland: It is used for special remedies and wishes. Turmeric garland is used for Jupiter dev and goddess Bagalamukhi’s psalm. It is also used for progeny and knowledge.

Sandalwood Garland: There are two types of sandalwood garland. One is red sandalwood and other is white sandalwood. Use red sandalwood garland to chant Devi’s psalm. Use white sandalwood garland to chant lord Krishna’s psalm.

Tulsi Garland: It is very important in Vaishnav tradition. Use Tulsi garland to chant Lord Vishnu and his incarnation’s psalm. One should follow Vaishnav tradition if they wear Tulsi garland. Never chant Devi and Shiva’s psalm with Tulsi garland.

Good Luck: Do turmeric tilak to lord Krishna and yourself. It increases attraction.

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