Astrology Importance of Different Pots

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Different Pots
Ghada: It has special form. It controls Mercury and Moon. Its water is very beneficial. It has special use. Feel water in Ghada and keep it on northeast side. It removes negative energy from the home. It also removes problems in marital life. Mental disorder or mind problems reduce by offering water from Ghada or you can donate Ghada feeling water on Monday.

Kulhad: It is the glass made from mud. It is usually used for drinking water. We can get rid of Mars related problems if we donate masur ki daal in Kulhad on Tuesday. Fill water in Kulhad and keep it under peeple tree on Saturday evening. It is beneficial to get rid of Shani related problems. It is also beneficial to keep food and water in Kulhad on terrace. It reduces problems in employment. Stomach problems reduce if we drink water in Kulhad.

Mud Toy
: It has special importance especially if they are animal-birds. Take mud home and keep it in Hanuman temple. It removes problem from constructing new home. Keep mud lamp on the main entrance of the gate. It reduces problems from the home. Energy of the home maintains if you keep mud bird, animals and toys in southeast side. Children never do mischief.

Mud Dipak: Dipak is special type of figure. It is filled with oil and prepare lamp. Every religious place has importance of lighting lamp. Therefore, dipak has importance. Dipak is also made from metal and mud. However, mud dipak has special importance. Different types of dipak lighten for different purpose in front of god. Light ghee’s lamp under basil plant on every evening to get rid of marital problems. Light three mustard oil dipak under peeple tree on Saturday evening to get rid of employment and business problem. Light nine faces dipak in front of Hanuman on Thursday night to get rid of debt. Light four faces ghee dipak in front of lord Krishna every morning to get rid of progeny. Light oil dipak on left side of main gate on every evening to get rid of negative energy.

Good Luck: Do not eat salt on Sunday. This strengthens the Sun. Also, avoid having food after sunset on Sunday.

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