Saturn and Peepal Tree - Strong Connection

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In Hindu religion, Peepal Tree is very auspicious tree. Mainly it is the form of lord Vishnu. God leaves in its leaves, spring and wood. 

Saturn and Peepal Tree - Strong Connection

Peepal Tree
It is believed that Lord Brahma leaves in root, lord Vishnu in middle and lord Shiva on head. All lords has place in its branches and leaves. 

It is very important as natural and spiritual. Lord Krishna said that “I’m in peeple tree as tree. It is important as it gives oxygen for 24 hours.

The property of peeple tree is very similar to Shani. Also, Peepal Tree is considered as the form of Shri Krishna, dainty of Shani. Saint Peeplad gave punishment to lord Shani. 

Therefore, it is belief Shani’s suffering reduce by worshiping peeple tree. Lord Shani gives mercy by worshiping peeple tree.

Worshiping peeple tree is beneficial for age, long age and removes diseases. It is also beneficial for progeny and children related problem. Planting and conservation of peeple tree is beneficial to reduce negative impact of Shani.

Progeny: Plant peeple tree. Pour water and take care of it. Stand under it on Saturday and chant Shani psalm. Do this on Saturday.

Other: Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on every Saturday evening. Take 9 circles of peeple tree. Chant “Om Sum Shaneswaraye Namah”.

Money: Apply fragrance on peeple leaf on Saturday. Keep this leaf in your purse. Chant this leaf every month.

Good Luck: Donate food items on Saturday. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree. Also, visit Hanuman temple. You will get mercy of Shani.

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