Importance Of Numbers in your Life - Astro Upay

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Number one represents Sun. It is very powerful number. It is the starting number of any activity. It has property of light, leadership, politics and administration. 

Importance Of Numbers in your Life - Astro Upay

Numbers in your Life
A person whose birth date is 1, 10, 19 or 28, his radix would be 1. If the total of birth date, month or year is one then it has impact of one number. A person comes in impact of Sun.

Number one creates leadership. It increases fame and prestige. It gives good success in politics and administration. A person becomes energetic for long time.

Sometimes, they use their power in wrong way. They do struggle in early stage of life. Often they do not get happiness from father. They face headache, migraine, bone and eyes problem. Sometime, they get fascination of authority and power.

Offer water to lord Sun every morning. Wear copper ring. Avoid having company of 7 or 8 number people. Use less blue and black color. Use more wooden furniture. Eat jaggery after having meal.

Good Luck: Never use broom in home after sunset. It decreases money.

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