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In horoscope, Moon and Mercury denotes envy. Envy also relates with fourth and seventh house. Envy occurs if Moon is corrupt. 

How to Save yourself from Envy for Others

Envy creates loss. Corrupt Mercury creates envy and bad idea. A person creates problem for others in envy. Shani keeps envy. Jupiter removes envy.

Weak Moon creates mental problems. Weak Mercury creates myth. A person makes mistake in myth. Envious person become the partner of defamation. He faces health issues.

On the above cases, take bath every day. Apply light fragrance. Worship lord Shiva in the morning-evening. 

Chant “Namah Shivay”. Cover your throat with basil garland. Do not wear fire element gemstone. Chant “Shiva Shiva” when you get envy.

Children: Chant Gayatri psalm at early stage of life. Take care of your food habits. Wear gold or brass ring in index finger. Pour water in peeple tree. Try to sit under peeple tree regularly.

Good Luck
: Clean your bed before sleeping. Goddess Lakshmi become angry if you sleep on dirty bed.

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