How Saturn Will Start Helping you? - Astro Upay

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Shani is judge in lord. Shani gives every fruits of its Karma. Shani decides livelihood, diseases and struggle. We can get rid of problems by impressing Shani. We can get success in career and financial matters. One gets immediate benefits if lord Shani’s worship is done properly.

How Saturn Will Start Helping you? - Astro Upay

Saturn Will Start Helping you
One can worship lord Shiva with black sesame, oil, black clothes and black gram. Chant Shani’s psalm. One should start Shani’s lent on Shravan month. Take bath in Brahma muhurt on Saturday morning. Worship lord Shiva image properly. Offer blue flowers, sesame, oil and jaggery in Shani temple. Light lamp with Shani’s name. Pray to lord Shani for your crime. Also, worship Rahu-Ketu after Shani’s worship. Pour water in peeple tree on Saturday. Tie thread on peeple tree and take seven circles. Keep fast on Saturday.

Do not worship Shiva in front of its image. One should worship stone form of the Shani. You can worship Shami or peeple tree as a symbol of Shani. It is extremely beneficial to light lamp in front of Shani. Do not waste oil. The devotee of Shani should keep his conduct clean.

Take bath in river or pond in the morning. Take water, after Rishi and Pitru tarpan, in one urn. Keep this urn under Shami or peeple tree and prepare Vedi. Prepare lotus, which is prepared with black color rice. Pour water on Shani image, which is made from iron or tin. Keep this image on lotus. Offer black color gandh, flower, asthang, incense stick and naivadh. 

Chant Shani’s psalm after worship. His name would be Konasth, Pingalo Brabhu, Krishna, Raudrotamko, Yam, Sauri, Mand, Shaneswaraye and Peepla. Cover seven yarns on Shami or peeple tree. Take seven circles of tree and worship it. Do lord Shani’s Aarti and donate sacrament. Worship lord Shani before sunrise or after sunset. Offer lentil rice and yogurt on first Saturday. 

Offer Kheer on second Saturday. Offer Khajala on third Saturday, ghee and puri on fourth Saturday. Do this remedy for 33 Saturdays. Do udhyapan on last Saturday. Feed to Brahmin.

Chant “Om Shum Shaneswaraye Namah, Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneswaraye Namah and Om Shano Devibhisthay Aapo Bhavantu Pitaye Sayorabhistrvantun”.

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