8 Best Astro Remedies to Reduce Problem in Marriage Life

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Weak Venus or Jupiter creates problem in married life. Sometimes, small mistakes also create problem in married life. One should take care while doing remedies for married life. Do not do too many remedies at same time. One should do one or two remedy. Do remedy for at least 27 days or one month.

8 Best Astro Remedies to Reduce Problem in Marriage Life

Marriage Life
Remedy 1: Wife should sleep on left side of husband. Use one long pillow. Do not use different mattress and pillow.

Remedy 2: Keep bad room color light pink or light green. Do not use dark color in bed room. Do not use yellow and its similar color in bed room.

Remedy 3: Husband-wife should buy flowers together on Friday. Buy only pink or white color flowers. Keep these flowers near your head.

Remedy 4: Husband-wife should keep their head east or south side. Keep running water image in front of your leg. Do not keep god-goddess image in bed room.

Remedy 5: Buy light fragrance or perfume on any Friday. Husband-wife should use this perfume. Do not use dark fragrance.

Remedy 6: Offer white sweets to Devi. Eat this sweet as dainty. Do not eat sour products on this day.

Remedy 7: Husband-wife should use bed, which is meeting from in-laws house. Tie pink color thread on four legs of bed.

Remedy 8: Husband-wife should think before wearing diamond. Also, remove diamond if conflicts increase without any reason. Wife should wear gold ring and husband should wear silver ring.

Good Luck: Buy new clothes and jewelry on Friday. You always get new clothes and jewelry.

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