Some Easy Astro Upay to Get Money

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Business: Keep goddess Lakshmi idol. Goddess Lakshmi should be seated on pink flower. Offer rose fragrance to goddess Lakshmi. Every day apply this fragrance before going on business.

Trapped Money: Donate sweets and clothes to poor people on Friday. Prepare mixture of water and milk. Offer it the Moon. Then pray to get money.

Job: Keep sweet and water under peeple tree on Friday. Then take 19 circles of peeple tree. Then pray for progress in job.

Patrimony: Offer pink rose garland to goddess Lakshmi on Friday. Then light ghee’s lamp and do Aarti. You will get your patrimony.

Debt: Take neem wood on Friday. Wash it with water. Keep salted water in glass. Also put neem wood. You will easily get your money.

General: Take crystal garland. Keep it in rose water for a while. Chant “Om Shrim Shriye Namah” for 108 times with this garland. Wear this garland and you won’t face shortage of money.

Good Luck: Donate white sweets on Friday. It increases your wealth and saving.

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