Saturn Moves to Sagittarius - Check Impact your Horoscope

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Shani moved on 26th January 2017 in Sagittarius sign. It will stay here till 23rd January 2020. Before this, Shani was in Scorpio sign. Sade Sati is beginning on Capricorn sign and it is finished on Libra sign. Sade sati is remaining in Scorpio and Sagittarius sign.

Saturn Moves to Sagittarius - Check Impact your Horoscope

Saturn Moves to Sagittarius
Aries: Shani would be medium for you. You will get good success in employment and money. One should focus on care bone, stomach and urine related problem. Regularly chant Shani psalm.

Taurus: The effect of Shani would be medium. You will get happiness of property and vehicle. However, there might be ideological conflicts in marital life. You should focus on eyes and speech problems. Avoid conflicts on Saturday.

Gemini: Shani will creates problem in starting however one will get success later on. One should work hard and struggle. One will change and achievement in the middle of the year. Take care in marital life. Avoid red color.

Cancer: You will get mercy of Shani. You will get success in marriage, child and financial matters. There might be delay in marriage. You will get success in job. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday evening.

Leo: You might face financial problems. However, you will get rid of it. Keep patience and peace till August. You might get injury. Also, take care of bone problem. Offer water to the Sun. Chant Aaditya Hriday Strot.

Virgo: You will get mercy of lord Shani. You will get success in relations, employment and business. You will get rid of every problem. You will get company of new people. However, avoid unnecessary conflicts and litigation. Donate coins to poor on Saturday.

Libra: You will get mercy of lord Shani. You will get rid of every obstacles of life. You will get success in children and career related problems. Do not let go opportunities. Chant “Om Sam Shaneswaraye Namah” every morning-evening for 108 times.

Scorpio: Lord Shani might take your test. You might face problems in job. You might lose prestige. Take care of your health. Also, take care of getting defamation. Worship lord Hanuman regularly.

Sagittarius: You won’t face shortage of fame-prestige. However, you have to work hard. You might change your place. Take special care in love and marriage related matters. Donate black stuff on Saturday.

Capricorn: There might be big change in life. You will get good benefits in property, money and career. However, you should take care of joint pain and speech. Chant “Om Sam Shaneswaraye Namah” during a year.

Aquarius: You will get money. Also, the problems will increase. You will get good money and progress in career. You might get sudden benefit of property and vehicle. The reclusion might increase. Wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer.

Pisces: You will get success in career. You will get big opportunities this year. However, avoid over confidence. One should considered elders advice. Donate black stuff on Saturday.

Good Luck: Rub the neem wood and apply it on face. It is beneficial in acne and stains.

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