Increase in Family Feud? Check out Astro Upay

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Color, waves and family members creates happiness in the home. Any two stuff gives happiness. Otherwise, conflicts, diseases and discord increases in the home. Some people in the home increases discord.

Increase in Family Feud? Check out Astro Upay

Family Feud
Color: Use bright and beautiful colors in the home. Use light yellow, pink or green color in living area. Orange color is auspicious in kitchen. Use pink, purple or green color in bed room. Keep white color of roof. Use less blue and its shades.

Waves: Family members and stuff creates waves. Do not keep unused stuff in the home. Make proper arrangement of light and air in the home. Do not keep stale food and unused shoes in the home. Do not listen high volume, shouting and keep chaotic home. Regularly do worship in the home. Light fragrance incense stick and chant psalm. Clean your home on new moon day. Also, do worship once in a week.

Family Members: The nature of family members and conduct is very important. Family members create waves and luck. Therefore, one should take care of conduct. Do not use bad language. Do not become lazy. Do not drink alcohol in the home. Also, avoid gambling in the home. Keep your stuff orderly in the home.

Good Luck: Take water in a glass, which you can drink. It is not beneficial to throw water. It increases stress.

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