Improve your Bad Habits with Gemstone

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Bad habits are caused by malfunctioning of the planet. Bad habits become permanent if it remains prolonged. However, bad habits become good if we send some waves through special gemstone. One should do make some effort. It gives good results. 

Improve your Bad Habits with Gemstone

Bad Habits with Gemstone
Addiction: Rahu and Shani play an important role in addiction of alcohol. One gets benefits if he wears gemstone. One can wear melamine to get rid of addiction. Its color is green and it has cuts. Wear it in silver on left hand’s little finger. Wear it on Wednesday morning.

Anger: Sin planets affect speech and nature. Jupiter gives patient and good speech. One can strengthen Jupiter element in the body. One can get rid of speech and anger. Sunela is very good gemstone for speech and anger. It is the transparent yellow gemstone. Wear it in gold or brass ring on right hand’s index finger. Wear it on Thursday.

Sloth: One cannot get proper energy if Mars or Sun is weak. In this case, a person becomes careless and sloth. One can get rid of sloth by strengthening fire element. Garnet is very good gemstone for sloth. Wear it in gold or copper ring on right hand’s ring finger. Wear it on Sunday.

Lie: Many planets are responsible for lying. However, weak Moon and Shani plays an important role for lying. Sodalite is very good gemstone to get rid of lying. Its color is blue and it has white color cuts. Wear it on Saturday.

Pearl: It calms the mind and reduces the stress. It is beneficial for good sleep. It removes threat. It controls hormones. It slowly affects mental conditions. It creates serious depression and stress. It might increase flurry and crustiness. Hormone balance may imbalance.

Coral: It increases courage and self-confidence. It improves blood and skin disorders. It is beneficial for gynaec problem for women. It is beneficial for Mars related problem.

Opal: It is very effective gemstone. It has many colors. However, white or light blue color opal is very effective. It affects three planets. It directly affect water element. Opal is extremely beneficial for Cancer sign. It is wonderful gemstone to control emotions and balance the mind.

Peridot: It is green shiny gemstone. It controls two planets. It is extremely powerful gemstone for intelligent and knowledge. It is extremely beneficial for Gemini and Virgo sign. This gemstone removes bad effects. It sharpens the speech and increases the attraction.

Lajward: It is beautiful blue color gemstone. It has golden splatter. It controls two powerful planets. It is extremely beneficial for Aquarius sign. It is beneficial to avoid wound-injury, protection and avoid threat. It is also beneficial for spiritual benefit. It gives more benefit if it is more blue.

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