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Concentration relates with mind. Moon plays an important role in concentration. Horoscope elements also play an important role in concentration. Horoscope house also impacts concentration.

Concentration becomes weak when water or air element in horoscope is head. It also occurs when Rahu or Ketu affects Moon or Moon is alone in horoscope. Concentration problem occurs when center house is empty in horoscope. One has weak concentration when radix is 02, 04, 07 or 08.

One has good concentration level when earth or fire element is strong in horoscope. It also happens when Moon is strong in horoscope. One has strong concentration when Jupiter is strong in center. One has strong concentration when radix is 01, 05, 07 or 09.

Wake up early in the morning. Mix rose water in bathing water. Chant Gayatri psalm for 108 times in the morning. Keep your diet pure. Eat milk products in your diet. Do meditation for 5-10 minutes before bed. Keep your head facing south or east side while sleeping.

Good Luck: Those whose mind is agile, they should use less purple and pink color.

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