How Jupiter Helps in Raj Yoga

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Jupiter is master and consultation in planet. It controls yellow, gold, finance, law, religion, knowledge, psalm, pundit and sacraments. Jupiter controls digestive system, obesity and age. It is the lord of sky therefore; its effect is very big. Jupiter plays an important role in woman’s marriage.

How Jupiter Helps in Raj Yoga

Center: Jupiter is very strong in center. It becomes stronger if it is lagan house. It destroys all the defects of horoscope. It increase the age of person and makes him mage. Jupiter seated in Capricorn sign does not give good effects. In this case, one should go pilgrimage. It is extremely beneficial to do saffron tilak regularly.

Gajkeshari Yoga: It is creates when Jupiter and Moon are in center. It is very effective in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces lagan. A person becomes successful in administration and politics. They get good success in every field. A person has to worship lord Shiva. Also, wear yellow topaz.

Hansh Yoga: It is Panchmahapurush yoga. It is creates when Jupiter in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces sign. It works only when it is in center or triangle. It makes person great. A person gets respect. In this case, a person should remain pious. A person has to do auspicious and religious work.

Good Luck: Cover your throat with raw turmeric in yellow thread if you are unable to wear topaz.

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