Connection of Colors in Real Life - Astro Upay

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Two powers work in the world. One is color and other is wave. Universe works based on this. Every person and words has color. Color helps to meet people and it also separate us. Color increase or decrease love in life. Constellation and astrology works based on color.

Connection of Colors in Real Life - Astro Upay

Red: It has high energy and power. In astrology, it is the color of Mars and Sun. It is beneficial to start love relationship. However, it is not beneficial for continuing love relationship. It is beneficial to use in curtains and bed sheet. Avoid using it on walls. Do not use more red color in bed room.

Yellow: This color relates with auspicious work. In astrology, it is the color of Jupiter. It relates with friendship. However, it is not good for romance. One can use it to convert friendship in love. Avoid using yellow color in marital life and bed room. Do not use this color in bed sheet and curtains for little time, if one doesn’t get progeny.

Green: It directly relates with good health and mood. In astrology, it relates with Mercury. This color is good to heal pain and wound. This color strengthens the love relationship. Love and patience increases in marital life by using it in bed room. Use light green color on walls, curtains and bed sheets.

Blue: It relates with spiritual and luck. In astrology, it is the color of auspicious Shani. It creates philosophy in romance. It makes a person philosopher. Writer, poet or philosopher can use light blue color in bed room. This color is for concentration and intelligence.

Purple: It is the color of luxury and enjoyment. It strengthens the sexuality. This color gives pleasure of physical satisfaction in romance and love. New marital couples can use this color in bed room in any form.

Pink: It is the color of Venus, Moon and Mars. It is biggest color of love. It is extremely beneficial color for bed room walls. One can use dark color in curtains and bed sheets. However, teenager should avoid using this color. It creates disorientation.

Good Luck: Sapphire creates problem in love relationship. Therefore, avoid wearing it in love matters.

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