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Sixth, eleventh and twelfth house denotes debt. Debt condition occurs if the owner of this house is weak or there are auspicious planets in this house. Debt occurs if hand’s color is black or fingers are cross. A person does progress by taking debt if there is black spot in the middle of palm.

Astro upay to Remove Debt - Astrology Upay

Remove Debt
One can easily get rid of debt if there is impact of Jupiter or Venus on sixth house. However, one faces many problems paying debt if there is impact of Mars. There would be challenge of paying debt if there is impact of Shani. A person cannot pay the debt if there is impact of Rahu-Ketu or weak Mercury. A person degraded if there is impact of Shani-Mars. Sometimes, they do suicide.

One should take debt before reviewing horoscope. Never take debt on Saturday. Do not take debt on 8th, 17th and 26th date. Take debt on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Do not fill debt paper with black ink. Chant “Tawdiya Vastu Govindam Tubhyamev Samparyate” before signing on debt paper.

Sit in front of lord Hanuman on Tuesday midnight. Light nine faces jasmine oil lamp. Chant “Hum Hanumant Rudratamkaye Hum Fat”. Do this remedy on Tuesday for long time. It decreases your debt and increases your wealth.

Good Luck: Eat lentil on Thursday. It strengthens the Mars. However, donate lentil if Mars is impaired.

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