Which Planets Responsible for Feeling - Astro Upay

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Moon is responsible for feeling. Feelings take different forms when it relates with different planets. Sin planets corrupt the feeling and auspicious planets make feeling pure. Rahu corrupt the feeling. Feelings become distorted.

Which Planets Responsible for Feeling - Astro Upay

Which Planets Responsible for Feeling - Astro Upay
Sun creates feeling of cruelty and ruling. It also strengthens the emotion of forcefully. Mars give feeling of cruelty and violence. It also gives feeling of crime. Mercury gives feeling of finesse and also gives intellectualism.

Jupiter makes feeling pure but sometimes it gives arrogance. Venus gives extreme emotions. People cannot control themselves. Shani take too much exam of feeling. Sometimes, a person might get depression due to feeling. However, a person might become saint by controlling feeling. Rahu corrupts the feeling. It also gives wrong and negative thoughts.

On the above cases, one should worship lord Shiva. It is beneficial to offer water to the Sun. It is also beneficial to chant Gayatri psalm. Wear opal to control feelings. Keep fast of Ekadashi. Do not eat vengeful food. Do not eat mustard oil food and stale food. Do Pranayama. You can also chant Gayatri psalm. Wear gold or brass ring in index finger.

Good Luck: Keep first feet on floor on which your breathe is getting out. It gives you success whole day.

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