Strengthen your Relations with Help of Nine Planets

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Every planet has its character. It impacts related relations. One might face problems in relations if the relative planet becomes weak. If any relations are weak then its relative planet becomes weak. In this case, one can strengthen the planet by improving harmony in relations.

Strengthen your Relations with Help of Nine Planets

Nine Planets
Sun: Father relates with Sun. Sun strengthens if the relation with father is good. One should bow father’s feet in the morning. You should take care of father. Offer water to the Sun and souvenir your father if he is dead.

Moon: Mother relates with Moon. Mental disorder patient should take blessings from mother. You can touch mother’s feet in the morning. One should take care of mother’s health and mind. One can worship goddess Devi and souvenir your mother.

Mars: Siblings relates with Mars. Good relations with siblings strengthen Mars. One should help siblings. Try to eat food along with your siblings. One can worship Hanuman if they do not have siblings.

Mercury: Maternal relations relates with Mercury. Mercury becomes weak if one cannot give respect to maternal relations. In this case, you should maintain good relations with maternal relations. Keep any plant from your maternal side. One should go maternal house once in a year.

Jupiter: Jupiter relates with grandfather-mother. It also denotes elder people in your life. One should take care of their grandfather-mother. You can give them clothes and sweets.

Venus: Venus relates with spouse. Good relations with spouse strengthen Venus. You should give respect to his/her spouse. Worship lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi in the home.

Shani, Rahu-Ketu: Colleague relates with Shani and Rahu-Ketu. Bad relationships with colleague weakness Shani and Rahu-Ketu. In this case, you should maintain good relations with colleagues. Do not exploit them. You should give them money on time. Also, give sweets once in a week.

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