How Saturn Vision has More Impact on your Life - Astro Upay

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Every planet has one sight, which is seventh vision. However, Jupiter, Mars and Shani has other sights as well. Shani has strongest vision. Shani has seventh and tenth sight. This sight impacts the planets, house or person. Shani’s sights create different side effects on different planets.

How Saturn Vision has More Impact on your Life - Astro Upay

Saturn planet Vision
Marital life disturbs if Shani has vision on Sun. There won’t be good relation with father-son. Reclusion occurs if Shani has vision on Moon. A person might be hermit or mental patient. Burst situation occurs if Shani has vision on Mars. There might be possibility of an accident.

A person would be cocky, clever if Shani has vision on Mercury. A person might face skin problem. A person faces stomach related problems if Shani has vision on Jupiter. A person would be intelligent and haughty.

A person gets defamation if Shani has vision on Venus. A person does vile activities. A person would be alcoholic if Shani has vision on Rahu or Ketu. Sometimes, he gets success in politics.

Shani’s vision is beneficial when it is in his or high sign. It is also beneficial when Shani is in Aries, Cancer and Leo sign. When there is vision of Jupiter on Shani or Shani is in Aquarius sign then it gives benefits. A person gets money and administration. However, they get success away from the home.

Never see any idol, which has eyes of Shani. Wear red color clothes and chant Hanuman Chalisa in front of Hanuman on every Saturday. Light lamp facing west side in evening and chant Shani’s psalm. Give respect to workers and colleagues. Use more blue color.

Good Luck: Prepare and eat black gram on Saturday. You will easily get mercy of Shani.

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