Save yourself from Disease - Horoscope Wise Astro Upay

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Do you want to know which planet is responsible for Disease ? Here is horoscope wise list of planets which are responsible for diseases.

Save yourself from Disease - Horoscope Wise Astro Upay

Save yourself from Disease
Aries: It has three part fire and one part air element. They are playful and short tempered. They face blood, injury and surgery. One should regularly offer water to the Sun.

Taurus: It has three part earth and one part water element. They are very stubborn and hard working. They are very beautiful if their Mercury is strong. They face skin and speech problem. One should worship lord Shiva and drink plenty of water.

Gemini: It has three part air and one part fire. They are very intelligent and sometimes batty. They face delusion, dilemma and breathing problems. One should do meditation and eat less sweet products.

Cancer: Water is the pure element of this sign. They are very emotional and divine. One should worship lord Shiva and use more white color.

Leo: It is the pure fire element sign. They are very struggler, mighty and hard working. They face bones, eyes and an accident. One should worship lord Sun and avoid wearing black color clothes.

Virgo: It is the pure earth element sign. They are very intelligent, clever and wealthy. They are selfish, allergy and pursuit of riches. They should plant lots of plants and serve aged people.

Libra: It is the pure air element sign. They are beautiful, wealthy and artist. They face breathing problem, high expense and loving nature. They should worship lord Shani and avoid love matters.

Scorpio: It has two part water and two part fire element. They are artist, adventurous, doctor and speaker. They face hormonal disorder, weight and social disturbance. They should worship lord Hanuman. Also, drinking milk gives good benefits.

Sagittarius: It has two part fire and two part air element. They are spiritual, talkative and adventurous. They face diabetes, bones and overstatement. They should offer water to the Sun and do physical work.

Capricorn: It has three part earth and one part water element. They are scholar, wealthy and sometime haughty. They face myth, dilemma and speech problem. Sometime, they become very emotional. They should regularly worship lord Shiva and avoid ego.

Aquarius: It has two part air and two part sky element. They are black magician, mysterious, studious and intelligent. They face bones, stomach and over confidence. They should worship lord Krishna and use light blue color.

Pisces: It has three part water and one part earth element. They have intelligence and wealth. Sometimes, emotions may create problems for them. They face stomach, diabetes and education problem. They should take care of their food habits and spend some time for god.

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