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Sun: It is the king of planets and soul of human. One might face defamation, heart and bone problem due to weak Sun. Chant Sun’s psalm in morning or afternoon. You can chant “Om Aaditya Namah”. Chant this psalm with Rudraksha or red sandalwood garland.

Moon: It is second king of planets. One faces mental disorders and asthma due to weak Moon. One also faces blood disorders. Chant Moon’s psalm with shell or pearl garland. The psalm would be “Om Som Somaye Namah”.

Mars: It is the commander and courage of people. One might face threat, problems in property and an accident. One also faces imprisonment and problems in relations. Chant Mars’s psalm in morning or afternoon. Chant “Om Aung Angarakaye Namah”. Chant this psalm with coral or red sandalwood garland.

Mercury: It is the prince of planets. It gives speech and intelligence. One faces intelligence, ears-nose-throat problems due to weak Mercury. One also faces skin and speech problem. One should chant Mercury’s psalm in morning. One can chant “Om Bum Budhay Namah” with Rudraksha garland.

Jupiter: It is the master and minister of planets. One faces obesity, arrogance and stomach problems due to weak Jupiter. One follows iniquity way due to weak Jupiter. One can chant Jupiter’s psalm in morning. One can chant “Om Brum Bruhaspataye Namah” with turmeric or Rudraksha garland.

Venus: One cannot get any type of happiness if Venus is impaired. Chant Venus’s psalm in morning or night. One can chant “Om Sum Shukarye Namah” with crystal or white sandalwood garland.

Shani: It is the retainer of planets. Shani gives results of everyone’s Karma. One faces employment problem due to weak Shani. One does struggle in every field. One can chant Shani’s psalm in evening. One can chant “Om Sum Shaneswaraye Namah” with Rudraksha garland.

Rahu-Ketu: Serve leprosy people and donate medicines. Take bath every day. Eat two basil leaves with empty stomach in the morning. Visit religious place or temple once in a week. Keep your shoes-slippers clean. Chant Rahu’s psalm at night. Chant “Om Ram Rahavae Namah” with Rudraksha garland. Chant Ketu’s psalm at night. Chant “Om Kam Ketve Namah” with Rudraksha garland.

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