How to Make your Child to Follow Rituals - Astro Upay

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Rituals build until the age of 21. Child has different conditions at different age. Children follow this and take forms of rituals. Food habits, friendship and worship have their own importance. Parent’s rituals also impact on children. Parent should take care their children in every age.

How to Make your Child to Follow Rituals - Astro Upay

Child to Follow Rituals
Born – 5: Parent take special care on child’s food and food habits. Children follow this habit lifelong. Food habits create thoughts therefore, take care of food habits. Avoid giving non-veg, fast food, stale and oily-spicy food to children. However, children should eat basil leaf and panchamrut.

6 – 10: Children get auspicious and inauspicious habits. Children understand about religion, god and conduct. Therefore, the atmosphere should be pure and pious. One should teach children the difference between right and wrong. Parent should give knowledge of psalm and worship.

11 – 15: Child is cautious about education and knowledge. Child gets worry about subject, career and success. Children should worship lord Sun and learn aashan. Child becomes concentrated and his mental development improves. Do not impose your interest. Allow children to select the subject with their interest.

17 – 21
: Children get big chemical change. Every good and bad habit can be seen during this age. Parent should allow children to take their responsibility. Take care of their clothes, lifestyle and their fellowship. Children should leave with the elders. They should do fast. Children can wear gemstone according to their need.

Good Luck: Concentration, education and rituals improves by chanting or listening Gayatri psalm. Therefore, children should listen it.

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