Importance of Main Door of your Home - Astro Upay

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Main door is considered as entrance of happiness. Prosperity comes through this way. Luck will be decided through this way. One cannot get happiness and prosperity if main door is improper. 

Importance of Main Door of your Home - Astro Upay

Main Door of your Home
Many things are used for auspicious main door. One gets too many benefits through right stuff.

Mangal Kalash: Kalash means prosperity. It is the symbol of Venus and Moon. Kalash can be established on two places. One is main door and other is worship place. The face would be big and open of the Kalash, which is keeping on main door. Keep enough water in it. Also, keep some flower in it. It increases prosperity in the home. Negative energy cannot enter in the home.

Vandanvar: It is applied before starting any auspicious work. There are many type of vandanvar however; mango leaves vandanvar is very auspicious. It can be applied in normal and auspicious days. It is extremely beneficial to apply it on Tuesday. Mango leaves has the capacity to attract happiness. Its fragrance removes mental disorders.

Swastik: It is made with four arms. It is usually used to increase energy or balance it. Wrong use of swastik creates problem for you. However, proper use of swastik solves many problems. Red and blue color swastik has special effects. Vastu and Dish dosh can be removed by doing swastik on both side of main door. Health of family members can be improved by doing blue swastik in the center of main door.

Horseshoe: It is directly related with Shani. It can be used to get rid of Shani related problems. It is beneficial to use horseshoe, which is in the legs of horse. There is no importance of unused horseshoe. Take horseshoe on Friday. Keep it in mustard oil for overnight. Stick it on main door on Saturday. Keep it in “U” shape on main door. It improves Shani’s condition in home. It removes conflicts from the home.

Ganesha: Many people keep lord Ganesha image on main door to get auspiciousness and happiness. On the back side of Ganesha, there would be poverty. There would be prosperity on the stomach side. Therefore, keep Ganesha image inside the home. Poverty increases if one keep Ganesha outside the home. However, obstacles can be removed and one gets success in every work by keeping Ganesha image inside the home.

Good Luck: Offer yellow food to god on Thursday. Your children will be stronger.

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