How to Strengthen Relationship Between Husband-Wife - Astro Upay

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Distress increases when there is high amount of fire element in horoscope. It occurs if Venus-Jupiter is weak or one has strong mangal dosh or inauspicious planets are in eighth house. 

How to Strengthen Relationship Between Husband-Wife - Astro Upay

Strengthen Relationship Between Husband-Wife
It also occurs if bed room color is not proper or there is disturbance in bed room and northeast side. Distress increases in marital life if the radix is 1, 4, 5 or 8.

Do not keep wild and violent animals’ image in the home. Do not keep weapons, sharp objects or food stuff. Also, do not keep god-goddess image in bed room. Keep broom and knife hidden in house. Do not keep husband-wife image on south side.

Husband can chant Venus’s psalm. Wife can chant Jupiter’s psalm. Use pink, light green or white color in bed room. It is extremely beneficial to keep running water image in bed room. Spouse should keep their image on east or north side. Both should eat white sweet food on Friday. Plant basil tree in the middle or entrance of the home. Worship lord Shiva-Parvati image in the home.

Shani plays prime role in separation. Separation occurs if Shani relates with marriage house or its planet. Family members are responsible for separation. It won’t take time for separation. In these cases, offer water to the Shiva in the morning. Keep mustard oil in iron utensils and donate it on Saturday.

Mars is responsible for violence in marriage. Spouse does fracas due to Mars. Matter goes to court. In these cases, one should do fast on Tuesday. Donate sweet products on every Tuesday. Use red color.

Rahu-Ketu creates doubt in marital life. It creates doubt without any reason. Sometimes, spouse goes away from other spouse. They live isolation life even thought they are married. In these cases, worship lord Vishnu. Keep Kush in bathing water. Do not eat sweet products on Saturday.

Spouse face problem due to other spouse’s career. It happens due to side effects of Sun. Sometimes, ego creates problem in marital life. They separate from each other with peacefully. However, it happens after a long time of marriage. In these cases, offer water, mixing rolli, to the Sun. Wear copper ring. It is also beneficial to wear pink color clothes.

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