How to make Children Sanskari ? - Astro Upay

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Moon impacts on child’s health, life and nature. Also, Sun and Mercury also impact on child. Shani won’t impact until the age of 16. Children get good sacrament if they have impact of good planets. However, children might go wrong if there is impact of inauspicious planet.

How to make Children Sanskari ? - Astro Upay

make Children Sanskari
If Shani is very strong, especially in lagan house then children speak lie. Children do theft if there is impact of Rahu on Moon. Children do intoxication if Rahu impacts on Shani. A child becomes rowdy if Mars is very strong. He shouted too much and would be very angry. A child remains in imagination if there is impact of Venus.

Lie: Feed two basil leaves to child after doing brush. Write “Ae” on silver square and covered in throat. Do not give fast food to children.

Theft: Children can chant Hanuman Chalisa. Take children to the Hanuman temple on Thursday. Do tilak on child’s forehead.

Fellowship: Prepare panchamrut every morning. Chant Gayatri psalm for three times. Do not feed fast food and steal food to children.

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