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Aries: Versatility is their nature. They face difficulty in concentration. To control mind, one should offer water to Sun. Use more yellow color.

Taurus: Their mind is serious. They do not face difficulty in concentration, if their mind is calm. Use white and blue color to control mind.

Gemini: Their mind easily gets concentration. However, it might disturb due to dilemma. Use light green and sky blue color to control mind. Also, regularly eat saunf.

Control Your Mind

Cancer: Usually, they cannot concentrate on work. Their mind remains playful. However, their mind easily concentrated in devotion and god. Use orange color to control mind. Also, regularly drink milk.

Leo: They can control their mind with little effort. However, they cannot concentrate where they have to do hard work. Use bright green color to control mind. Also, offer water to the Sun.

Virgo: They easily get concentration in financial matters. However, they intentionally avoid such things. Use blue color to control your mind. Also, use light fragrance.

Libra: It is very difficult to concentrate their mind. They cannot easily concentrate. However, they achieve many things if they concentrate. They should avoid alcohol. Use more pink and sky blue color.

Scorpio: Usually, they can easily concentrate. But they find difficulty from others. Therefore, they cannot concentrate. Use red and its shade color to increase concentration.

Sagittarius: Their mind is concentrated and they can easily concentrate. However, their mind becomes playful due to health. Use yellow color to concentrate mind. Also, intake more fruits.

Capricorn: They concentrate only when they desire. Otherwise, they cannot concentrate. They easily concentrate in their benefits. Use green color to increase concentration. Also, regularly intake clove.

Aquarius: It is very strong sign in the case of mind and concentration. They achieve many things if they give attention. However, they should avoid anger and alcohol. Also, regularly chant Gayatri psalm.

Pisces: They have either good concentration or playful. However, they have good concentration and mind. They should avoid vengeful food. Use more light blue and white color.

Good Luck: One should have food in Shukhasan. It is beneficial in stomach pain.

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