How Sun Helps to Improve your Eye Sight - Astro Upay

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Sun is source of light in nature. Nature cannot work without light. One faces eyes problem due to weak Sun. 

How Sun Helps to Improve your Eye Sight - Astro Upay

Improve your Eye Sight
If there is impact on inauspicious planets on Sun then one faces serious problem in eyes.

One might become blind if there is yoga of Sun Grahan in horoscope. However, strong Sun improves vision. 

Regularly offer water to the Sun. Vision can be increased by giving respect to father. One can chant “Om Aaditya Namah”. Do fast on Sunday. Do not eat salt and ginger on Sunday.

Vision also can be increased by doing tratak. One can do Chaksuhi vidya if there is serious problem in eyes. It is the Gayatri chand. It is mentioned in Krishna Yajurveda. There would be worship of lord Sun for eye protection. 

It is the wonderful psalm for protection of eyes. There are three psalms. It also protects the decrease in vision.

You can start Chaksuhi vidya on any Sunday morning. Keep fast on that Sunday. Offer water to the Sun in morning. 

After that, chant psalm for twelve times. Do this for twelve Sundays. Do not use salt, ginger and mustard oil on Sunday.

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