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Moon place is under the little finger. One can know about Moon’s condition through it. The Moon would be very strong if its color is pink. It denotes foreign journeys, mental condition and status of diseases.

Check Moon's Position via Palmistry - Astro Upay

Position via Palmistry
Too many lines on Moon Mountain denote concerns of mind. If there is a spot on this place then person remains in imagination and take stress unnecessarily. A person faces serious mental disorders if there is a mole on Moon Mountain. However, pink and clear Moon Mountain denotes good and strong condition of mind. A person has risk from water if there is a cross on Moon Mountain.

Luck will increase after marriage if luck line comes from Moon Mountain. Life partner would be very sensible and helpful. One gets good success in acting, water and food business if Moon Mountain is strong. Small line on Moon Mountain denotes love relationship and journeys. A person settle in foreign if straight line meets to the luck line.

One should see both palms after waking up in the morning. Wear moonstone or pearl in little finger. Always use light fragrance. Keep one plant of Harsingar or Ratrani in home. It is also beneficial to wear basil necklace in throat.

Good Luck: Do not prepare food if your mind remains upset. It makes your health poor.

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