Bone Disease and Astrology connection - Astro Upay

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Every planet relates with any special part of the body. It also affects other element of the body. One faces problem in that body part. The element of the body disturbs due to weak planet. One faces problems for long time. 

Bone Disease and Astrology connection - Astro Upay

Bone Disease and Astrology connection - Astro Upay
We can get rid of physical problems by understanding planets nature, color and waves. Sun is responsible for bones. One faces bone problems if Sun is impaired. Moon and Jupiter is also responsible for bone problems. Shani also creates serious bone problem.

Sun: One face spinal cord and stomach pain. It also creates cervical and spondylitis. One gets dizziness and become lazy. Bone also becomes weak. In these cases, offer water, mixing rolli, to the Sun in morning. Do tilak of rolli, which is stick to the pot. Stay in the room, where sunlight comes.

Moon: Calcium amount reduces due to weak Moon. Pain fluctuates in the body due to Moon. One gets pain in every part. One gets starchiness in the body. In these cases, intake green cardamom with honey. Drink milk in the breakfast. Avoid drinking milk at night. Wear copper ring in right hand’s middle finger.

Jupiter: Obesity increase due to Jupiter. One faces problems in legs. One gets problems in knee, clutch and shank. In these cases, do fast on Ekadashi. Use turmeric and cinnamon in diet. Avoid wearing gold and yellow color clothes.

Shani: Shani creates bone and muscles problem. One faces bone problem in an accident. Also, bone problem stays for long time. Sometimes, problems occur due to paralysis. In these cases, do chaya daan on Saturday evening. Chant Hanuman Bahuk every day morning. Also, do complete adornment for lord Hanuman once in a month.

Good Luck: Include cottage cheese in meal. It is beneficial in bone pain. Eat light food at night.

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