Astrology Prediction of 5 Radix People - Born on 5, 14 or on 23

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Five is the biggest number of wisdom and wealth. People, who born on 5, 14 or on 23, their main number is 5. It is completely Mercury’s number. It is biggest number of wisdom. They are versatile.

Astrology Prediction of 5 Radix People - Born on 5, 14 or on 23

Astrology Prediction of 5 Radix
People are very attractive. Therefore, they have become friends easily. They are mentally very strong. They can adjust in any situation. They have new solution, thoughts and thinking abilities. They have wonderful understanding in financial matters.

This number of people frequently changes their thoughts. Sometimes, they ignore such things to earn money. They hide many things. They are not very transparent. They might face mental disorders and nerve problem. Sometimes, they face skin problems and confusion.

This number of people may involve in wrong attraction. Do not take stress. Do not run behind the money. Take care of mental disorders and nervous breakdown. Use more bright color. You can also wear diamond or emerald in problems.

Every bright gemstone is beneficial for this number of people. Chanting any psalm is beneficial for them. Avoid wearing red color gemstone and red color clothes. This number of people cannot match with 2, 7 and 9 number.

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