Wear Iron Ring to Impress Lord Shani - Astro Upay

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Shani is the judge and magistrate of planets. Shani gives fruits according to good and bad Karma. Shani won’t create problem without any reason. A person faces problems due to its wrong actions. Shani is only the medium of this problem.

Wear Iron Ring to Impress Lord Shani - Astro Upay

Impress Lord Shani
A person faces nerves and long term diseases. His every work gets delay. He also faces obstacles in work. He faces problems in employment and job. People face isolation. A person suffers with diseases for long time if this situation occurs in Shani dasha. However, if this problem stays for short period time if one get in Sade Sati and Dhayya.

Shani has rights on iron metal. Therefore, iron ring controls Shani’s power. But the ring is not normal iron ring. It is made from horseshoe or boat’s keel. It has special power and it is extremely beneficial. One should prepare iron ring from horseshoe or boat’s keel.

Take this iron ring on Saturday or any day. Keep it in mustard oil on Saturday. Clean it with water and pure it in evening. Keep it in worship place and chant “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah”. Wear it in left hand’s middle finger. It decreases the bad effect of Shani.

Remedy: Plant bail tree in front of the home and banana tree behind the home. It reduces unfortunate from life.

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