Unique and Important Things Which Improves Mangal planet position

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Using some natural things you can remove all problems related to Mangal planet. Mangal planet gives positive as well as negative impact too. Do check out unique things which helps you to improve mangal planet position.

Unique and Important Things Which Improves Mangal planet position

mangal planet position
Copper: It is the prime metal of mangal. It is considered as medicine and it is used in prevention of several diseases. It is considered very auspicious. Do not eat non-veg food after wearing it. Copper is used in donation for mangal or wearing mangal gemstone. Wear copper bracelet if your confidence decreases. Wear copper ring in ring finger in blood disorders. Never offer milk with copper urn to lord Shiva.

Red: It is the chief color of mangal. Red color is used to strengthen the mangal. However, it becomes dangerous if mangal is negative in horoscope. On should more red color if he is suffering with cold-cough. Tie red color thread on joints of hands-legs if you’re suffering with joint pain.

Soil: Mangal is known as Bhumiputra. Stuff belongings to land come under the jurisdiction of mangal. Soil also relates with mangal. Anger reduces by drinking water in soil glass. Prosperity increases by planting plants in the ceramic pots. Diseases can be avoided by leaving some raw place in the home.

Jaggery: Jaggery is related with mangal. Its regular consumption gives power and increase the blood. Regularly have fry grams and jaggery to overcome anemia. Donate jaggery on every Tuesday, if there is a chance of surgery.

Barley: It is purely considered the food of mangal. It makes body pure and detoxified. It gives energy to the body and makes blood clean. Keep barley under heavy stuff, if you are suffering with litigation. Flow barley in water on Tuesday, if your debt increases. Eat barley rotti, if you are facing health issues due to mangal.

Good Luck: Wash your hands-legs with cold water before sleeping. Put two drops of mustard oil in nasal.

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