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Decision making ability can be seen from fifth, ninth and eleventh house. Different elements create different conditions of decision. Different planets impact differently. Moon is the factor of mind. Therefore, it plays an important role in decision making. In palmistry, thumb denotes decision making ability.

Strengthen your Decision Making Ability

Decision Making Ability
Sun rulers take immediate decision and they get positive result. Moon rulers’ decision relates with emotions. Moon rulers take decision in passion and often their decision proves wrong. Mercury rulers suffer with dilemma in taking decision. Jupiter and Venus rulers take balance decision. Shani rulers take perfect decision.

A person cannot take decision when the owner of fifth house is weak. A person takes wrong decision when water element is high in horoscope. A person takes wrong decision when fire element is strong. He doesn’t success in his work. A person takes wrong decision if Moon or Mercury has primacy. It happens due to emotions and playful nature. A person changes his decision if his first knuckle is flexible.

A person takes good decision when the owner of fifth house or earth-fire element is strong. A person takes good decision when Shani is strong. If auspicious planets are in center specially Jupiter then person take strong decision. A person takes good and strong decision when Moon is in auspicious house or strong. A person takes strong decisions if the first knuckle of thumb is long and hard.

Offer water to the Sun in morning. Female should mix turmeric and male should mix rolli in water. Keep fast on two Ekadashi or one full moon day in month. You should have liquid diet on this day. Chant lord Shiva’s psalm “Namah Shivay”. You can also chant lord Vishnu’s “Om Namo Bhagawatye Vasudevay”. Donate light on Saturday. You can also wear yellow sapphire or diamond.

Good Luck: Do not keep many pictures of people in the home. Also, keep pictures clean so that your relations maintains with others.

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