How our Behavior Affects Planet Situation - Astro Upay

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Conduct relates with planet’s situation. Conduct affects our planet’s situation. Good or bad conduct directly impact on planets. It also affects our luck. Luck might be changed due to our behavior.

How our Behavior Affects Planet Situation - Astro Upay

Behavior Affects Planet
Speech: Speech relates with our family life and economic prosperity. One faces financial losses due to impaired speech. Sometime, one might face sudden accident or diseases. In these cases, offer water to the Sun. You can also chant Gayatri psalm.

Employment: Employment relates with our conduct and karma. One faces problem in employment if the conduct is not good. A person wanders life time. He cannot get stability in life. However, a person gets stability when his conduct becomes good. In these cases, do meditation in morning-evening. You can also worship lord Shiva.

Responsibility: People face litigation and debt problem if they do not complete their responsibilities. A person faces many problems in his life. One should fulfill his responsibilities. Keep fast on Ekadashi. You can also pour water in plants.

Help: One faces mental disorders if he doesn’t help others even if he is capable. You might face loneliness in life. You get mercy of good if you help others. You won’t face mental disorders. You should spend some time for worship. It strengthens the mercy factor.

Remedy: Avoid taking debt on Tuesday. However, it is extremely beneficial to pay the debt.

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