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In astrology, Jupiter is considered as factor of master and consultation. Jupiter’s color is yellow. It controls wealth and intelligence. Gold, vault, law, religion, psalm and ritual relates with Jupiter. Jupiter also relates with digestive system, stomach and age. Obesity increases and decreases due to Jupiter.

How Jupiter Helps to Keep you Healthy

Jupiter is the lord sky element out of five elements. Therefore, the impact of Jupiter is big and massive. Jupiter plays an important role in women’s marriage. Jupiter has capacity to gather fat. Obesity increases if Jupiter impacts on lagan or the owner of lagan. If Jupiter is weak than obesity increases due to wrong food habits. If there is impact of inauspicious planets on Jupiter than obesity increases due to diseases.

On the above cases, keep fast on Ekadashi. Include lime and yogurt in your diet. Chant Jupiter’s psalm every morning-evening. You can chant “Om Brum Burhaspataye Namah”.

Jupiter makes anything big and huge. Jupiter impacts on the house, where it stays. A person faces long term diseases when Jupiter affects to any body part. Jupiter also gives serious and incurable diseases. Sometimes, it is impossible to find out its solution.

On the above cases, take care of your nature. Worship lord Shiva or your idol. Chant “Gajendra Moksh” every morning-evening. You can do Rudrabhishek with sugarcane juice. Do not wear yellow sapphire if you’re suffering with serious disease.

The digestive system relates with Jupiter. If Jupiter is weak then a person has weak digestive system. Digestive system disturbs due to weak food habits. Improper routine also impact on digestive system. Jupiter is the factor of acidity and weak digestive power.

On the above cases, include green vegetables in your diet. Use less of lentils and grains. Drink water in copper glass. Wear gold or brass ring on right hand’s index finger. Jupiter is the factor of progeny. In woman’s horoscope, Jupiter is the factor for husband. A woman gets delay in marriage if Jupiter is weak. She faces problems in marital life due to weak Jupiter. It is necessary to have strong Jupiter for happiness in marital life. Strong Jupiter increases wealth.

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