How Black and White Color Effects Each Person - Horoscope Wise Upay

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Not for everyone, Black and white color is bad, here is horoscope wise astrology upay for each horoscope, is black and white color bad for you or not.

How Black and White Color Effects Each Person - Horoscope Wise Upay

Black and White Color
Aries: Black color increases struggle in life. Therefore, use black color. White color gives good result. You should white color to get stability in life.

Taurus: Black color is not bad for you. This color makes them angry and recalcitrant. White color may create cold and asthma problem. It is beneficial to use off white color.

Gemini: Black color gives mix result. Sometime, this color may become factor of an accident. White color gives very good results. It increases concentration.

Cancer: Black color is not beneficial. It affects their health and marital life. White color is very auspicious. Its regular use keeps them healthy.

Leo: Black color is never good. It increases struggle in their life. White color also gives medium results. You should use more white color if you want to go foreign.

Virgo: Black color is very preferable. It is very preferable in employment and career. White color gives mixed result. More use of white color makes them talkative.

Libra: Black and white color is auspicious. Black color gives property and money. White color gives good health. However, more use of black color creates problem in progeny.

Scorpio: Black color is not good. It increases problem in domestic life. It also increase problem in office. White color is very beneficial. One should use white color to improve luck.

Sagittarius: Black color is not favorable. It affects their financial condition and marital life. Using white color increases happiness in marital life and financial condition.

Capricorn: Black color is auspicious. It suits them in every way. However, they should avoid using black color on Tuesday. White color suits them sometime. It suits them in career.

Aquarius: Black color is not favorable. However, its light shed suits them. Luck supports them by using white color. It improves their mental condition.

Pisces: Black color makes them stubborn. It also affects their health. They should avoid using black color. White color is very beneficial. They can overcome from every problems in their life.

Remedy: Do not drink plenty of water between or after the meal. You might face acidity and uric acid problems.

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