Horoscope wise :- What you Like to Eat and What not - Astro Upay

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Which horoscope's person likes what to eat? here is some idea, based on moon sign wise, for each horoscope, do check what your friends/family person likes it or not to eat.

Horoscope wise :- What you Like to Eat and What not - Astro Upay  

What you Like to Eat
Aries: They like to eat sweet food. However, bile is principal sign. Therefore, one should eat watery and cold food.

Taurus: They like to eat spicy and cold food. They should eat green vegetables and salad.

Gemini: They like to eat sweet products and junk food. They should include milk and milk products in your diet.

Cancer: They are fond of hot and spicy food. Often, they avoid having food. They should include watery food and include yogurt in your diet.

Leo: They do not have special desire of food. Therefore, they eat everything. They should include green vegetables in salad in your diet.

Virgo: They like to eat sour and peppery food. They should avoid having sour food. They should include guava and banana in your diet.

Libra: They like to eat fast food. They eat rapidly. They should include salad in your diet. Also, eat jaggery after having meal.

Scorpio: They like to eat food at once. They eat plenty of ghee and spicy food. They should eat high amount of vegetables. Drink water during a day.

Sagittarius: They like to eat spicy and non-veg food. Keep fast once in a week. They should include milk in your diet.

Capricorn: They try different food. They eat everything. They should eat food grains. It is beneficial to eat tomato.

Aquarius: They drink more tea coffee and snacks. They are careless in meal. Eat pious food and include fruits in your diet. Include papaya and pomegranate in your diet.

Pisces: They eat anything during a day. They like to eat spicy and non-veg food. Always control on your food habits. They should eat one apple in a day.

Remedy: Do not wash your hand in plat after having meal. It will increase financial problem.

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