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Every planet plays an important role in life. A person faces problems when planets are weak. We can get rid of every problem by strengthening planets. We have to change our lifestyle, food habits and nature. We can strengthen the planets.

Home Remedies to Improve Planets Position - Astrology Upay

Improve Planets Position
Sun: Sit under sun light every morning for few minutes. You have to eat food during sun light. Drink water in copper glass. Use wooden furniture.

Moon: Avoid having cold food at night. Always eat fresh food. Include juicy fruits and salad in your diet. Do not waste water. Try to eat anything from mother’s hand.

Mars: Sleep on floor. Do not eat salt once in a week. You should have jaggery and oatmeal. Worship lord Hanuman. Chant Hanuman Chalisa.

Mercury: Include green vegetables in your diet. Use less beauty products. Make a habit of listening music. Take care of bath and cleanliness.

Jupiter: Include turmeric in your diet. Eat pious food. Keep your hair small. Wear necklace in throat and do tilak on forehead. Worship lord Narayanya.

Venus: Apply fragrance after taking bath. Wear clean and beautiful clothes. Include yogurt in your diet. Do not keep dispersed hair and moustache.

Shani: One should worship lord Hanuman. Donate food, clothes and money according to your capacity. Go to Shani temple on Saturday. Pour mustard oil to lord Shani. Use mustard oil in food and massage. Use more light. Use steel utensils.

Rahu-Ketu: Serve patients and donate medicines. Take bath every morning. Eat two basil leaves in the morning. Go to pilgrimage once in a week. Keep your shoes clean. Do not eat fast food.

Remedy: Wear silver ring in both the toes. It is very effective in joint pain.

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