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Sun is main planet of life and upbringing. Sun controls life and communication on earth. Our father is center of life. Based on this, father relates with Sun. In astrology, Sun denotes father’s condition. One can also understand condition of Sun.

How Father's Blessings Helpful to Improve Sun - Astro Upay

Father's Blessings Helpful to Improve Sun
Auspiciousness of Sun decreases if one disrespects the father. Fame and respect will also decrease. One might get defamation. One might face bone problem. Specially one gets deficiency of vitamin D. The risk of heart attack also increases. There won’t be good relations with high officials. You might face problems in employment.

Sun strengthen by maintaining good relations with father. You won’t face shortage of respect and fame. Your heath remains good and you won’t face serious diseases. You will get good success in administration and politics.

One should touch the father’s feet in morning-evening. Take care of their food, clothes and medicines. Try to live with your father. Make his room near your room. Take copper or gold stuff from father’s hand. Always try to use them.

Offer water mixing rolli to the Sun every morning. Chant “Om Aaditya Namah” for 108 times. Donate jaggery on Sunday. Do not eat salt, ginger and mustard oil on Sunday.

Remedy: Do not worship lord Sun in night and lord Shani in day. You won’t get good results.

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