Astrology Solution of Parents Worry - For their Children

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Sometimes children do not listen or they do self-will or follow bed habits or misbehave with their parents. In these cases, keep yellow color image of lord Ganesha. Offer Durva to lord Ganesha. Chant “Om Vidhnahartarye Namah” for 108 times. Keep this Durva in your child’s room. Change this Durva every day.

Astrology Solution of Parents Worry - For their Children

Parents Worry
If children are facing obstacles in education or they cannot complete their education or they cannot start their career then offer water, mixing rolli, to the Sun. Chant “Om Rawaye Namah” for 108 times. Do tilak of rolli to your children. Donate halva-puri and grams to poor people on Saturday.

If children are facing problems in getting marry or it is delay or they do not want to get marry then keep lord Shiva-Parvati image in home. Offer pink flower every day. Chant “Om Gaurishankaraye Namah” for 3 rosaries. Offer Kheer to lord Shiva-Parvati on Friday. Feed this Kheer to your children.

If children are facing problems with their spouse or they detach or there might be situation of divorce then light jasmine oil in front of lord Hanuman on every Tuesday and Saturday evening. Offer batasha and chant Sundarkand. Donate batasha as dainty. Use only pious food in Tuesday and Saturday.

If children face health issues or repeatedly faces accident or there is a Marak dasha then offer water on Shivaling every morning. Donate Halva to poor on Monday. Chant Amrit Mrutanjay psalm every morning and evening. Parents can chant “Om Juhu Saha Maam Putri Palay” for daughter. Parents can chant “Om Juhu Saha Maam Putra Palay” for son. Do not eat non-veg food.

Good Luck: On should go any religious place on Thursday. Worship over there. It is beneficial to get rid of child related problem.

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