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Venus and Jupiter is main planet for marriage. Because of both planets, one gets happiness in marriage. Shani, Mars and Sun delays the marriage. 

Astrology Reason for Late Marriage

Astrology Reason for Late Marriage
Because of these three planets, marriage delays due to different reasons. Marriage delays and broken due to Rahu. Sometimes, marriage delays due to Jupiter. Therefore, one cannot get marry.

Shani: Usually, Shani takes person toward career. A person gives priority to career. Therefore, there would be delay in marriage. A person become successful in career but marriage time passes. In these cases, one should visit Hanuman temple on Saturday. Donate sweet products on Saturday. Chant Shani Chalisa in morning-evening. Do not use black products.

Mars: A person takes too much time in selection when Mars is impressive. One cannot understand about any relation. He finds mitigation in every relation. In these cases, chant Parvati mangal psalm. Offer red flower to Devi’s temple on Friday. Do not consider marriage proposals on Tuesday.

Sun: A person has more family responsibilities when there is impact of Sun. A person dedicates his life towards family and won’t give priority to marriage. Sometimes, a person cannot get marry. In these cases, mix red sandalwood in water and offer it to Sun. Chant Gayatri psalm in front of Sun for 108 times. Give respect to your father. Do not intake salt on Sunday.

There are several reasons of delay in marriage. In these cases, seat under banana tree or banana leaf. Chant Vishnu Sahastranam. Wear gold or brass ring in right hand’s index finger. Keep silk yellow handkerchief along with you.

Good Luck: Groom-Bride should avoid wearing black and blue color clothes. Wear yellow, red or pink color clothes.

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